Reading: Great place to work and live


England has got lots of big tourist cities like London or Manchester, but there are also a few smaller towns.
One of them is Reading. It’s a normal village to work and live with a hilly, grassy landscape. It’s to the west
of London and it takes just 40 minutes to go there by train. Also it’s close to the channel and to Europe.
Even it’s a small town, it has also a tourist side. For example you can visit one of the many museums. If you are
interested in Reading’s history, I could recommend the “Reading Museum”. For animal lovers, there is the
“Cole Museum of Zoology”. Also you can make a trip to Windsor Castle. It’s an old Castle and it’s the Queen’s
But if you want to do it all, you should stay somewhere. One of the houseboats would be a good possibility. You
can eat in one of the many restaurants or in a café.
There is also the possibility that you are in Reading because of your job. Here are lots of modern buildings from
international firms like GM, Apple or Starbucks. In the centre of the town, there you can go shopping and spend a
looooot of money.
But it could be, that you have problems to communicate with the Reading people. Everybody has got a very strong
accent and it’s almost impossible, to understand what they’re saying.
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