Manchester a historical city

The Industrial Revolution started in the northwest of England. In Manchester. That’s why there are so many prejudices about it like there are many dirty factories, dark houses, it’s sad and it rains all the time. But that’s not true. So stop making prejudices and found out more about Manchester!

All around Manchester’s popular museums, the beautiful cathedral, the famous opera house and more! So put on your kilt, drink up your tea, fasten your seatbelt and let’s go on a tour to the northwest of England!

First you can go to the very celebrated museum of sience and industry. There you can watch the exciting shows or do awesome experiments. It’s fun for the whole family, you can learn a lot and the entry is free.
From the museum you can go to a quiet place like Manchester’s beautiful cathedral.bridge-1849193_1920
If you think this is boring you can go to one of the largest theatres in Manchester. In the Manchester opera house you can watch funny plays, fantastic musicals or wonderfull ballets.

But before you can do sightseeing you have to know where Manchester is. Manchester is in northwest of England. It has an area from 115,6km². It’s with the train 2h away from London. It’s near to Liverpools port.

There might be prejudices about the landscape but the landscape is perfect.
Manchester has a very friendly and pretty grassy landscape. It’s perfect for a little picnic in the sun. But there are also many mountains.

If you are not the nature typ but the shopping typ we have good news for you! The intu Trafford Centre has about 200 stores along 3 miles. The centre is also home to 60 Restaurants, cafes and bars. There are also Sea life and legoland!