Do you want to go to a city with varied activities and an interesting history? Why don’t you come to Oxford? The famous city in the South of England offers something exciting for everybody.
 Oxford, Stadt, Skyline, Gebäude
Oxford lays in the county of Oxfordshire. It’s 92 km (59 miles) away from London. That’s 1.5 h by car and 1 h by train. The train leaves Paddington Station every thirty minutes. Oxford is located close to many idyllic villages and beautiful landscapes. Also, the rivers Thames and Cherwell run through Oxford.
On these two rivers you can go on a boat trip. Another thing to do would be a visit to old libraries and museums. You can also go to churches and climb on high towers. Up there you’ll have a fantastic view over Oxford. But the city is modern too. Going shopping in Oxford is great and there are many good restaurants. Visiting Oxford University is a unique experience.
 Oxford, England, Gebäude, Architektur
The university is ancient. With a history of over 750 years it’s England’s oldest university. It’s very big and important. The world-famous university is Oxford’s emblem. Also, the university in Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg) does an exchange with Oxford’s university.
The university’s Magdalen college choir has its own tradition. On the 1st May at 6 am they sing. After singing they have a breakfast picnic in the college gardens. This tradition started in the 17th century. After singing they jumped from the Magdalen Bridge into the river Cherwell. The water was only 1-2 m deep so many of them broke their legs.
But that’s not the only historical thing about Oxford. The Romans, Saxons and Normans were there too. The Romans built the roads, the Saxons built the first cathedral, and the Normans built Oxford castle.
Come and visit the magical city Oxford!
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