You want to enjoy beautiful landscape, visit small, prehistoric villages and do exciting activities? Then you’re right in Wales, a great place with a quirky language, an interesting history, modern culture and technology and a love for rugby.
The stadium where this loved sport is played is the Millenium Stadium. You can find it in Cardiff, the Welsh capital. In Cardiff you can also find celtic culture and a lot of great museums. If you like classic music you’re just right in this city because it’s the home of the Welsh National opera who has a great orchestra and talented singers.

You can also find singing people in North Wales which has a history of male voice choirs. But this isn’t the only cool thing about the north of Wales. It has also the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen and you’ll ever see. It looks wild, friendly and green and there are a lot of big mountains and deep lakes. So idyllic!
North Wales isn’t only the region of male voice choirs and a great landscape it’s also the part of Wales with the most Welsh speaking people. Bore da! That means “Good day” but only 500.000 out of 3.000.000 (20%) People use it. Even though the signs are in Welsh and english most of the People only speak with an Welsh accent.
Also a place with Welsh speaking people is Powys where you can see a lot of historic stuff. For example the judge’s lodging. This is were the Victorians pronounced judgement on villains. There are also a lot of small Victorian villages. 1.200 years ago a king built a dig between the Welsh land and the land of the Saxons but now you can enjoy the beautiful and green landscape at both sides while you’re hiking.
Besides visiting those interesting places you can also do some excitig and cool activities. In the city centres of Cardiff and Swansea you can go shopping. Or you can visit the National Waterfront museum in Swansea. It’s really high tech and interactive. if you like to do Sport you can go to  the Swansea Leisure centre skaterpark one of the 9 skaterparks in Swansea and probably the best.