Visit Liverpool

If you are a football- or Beatles-fan, come
to Liverpool. Visit the nice city at the
Mersey River! You can also see cool
sights and eat in beautiful restaurants!

One of the famous sights is the Albert Dock Port at the Mersey
River. Liverpool has got two
gigantic cathedrals. The
Liverpool Metropoltian
Cathredal was built in 1967. It
is one of the highest
cathedrals in this age. The
other cathredal is the
protestant Liverpool Cathredal.
It was built between 1904 until
1978. An other famous sight is
the “Waker Art Gallery“. This gallery is one of the famoust and
biggest galleries in England. There are more museums in
Liverpool , one of this is the “Beatles Story Museum“.

The Beatles birthplace is
Liverpool. Liverpool is proud
of this. The Beatles are a
band which story has began
in Liverpool,1960. They are
very famous. A long time
Liverpool got the name
“The city of the Beatles“.
Today the Liverpool airport
is called “John -Lennon-Airport“. If you aren‘t interested in
music but in football you can visit a game oft he Liverpool FC.

Liverpool FC
The Liverpool FC is one of the famoust football teams in
England. They have got a lot of fans. The FC Liverpool won a lot
of champion chips for example:
5x Champions League
3x Europe League
There is also another football team in
Liverpool, the FC Everton, but they aren’t so
famous like the FC Liverpool. The Liverpool
football brought Liverpool a lot of tourists
and fans. Liverpool earns a lot of money
with that. But a time ago Liverpool wasn‘t a

Once upon a time Liverpool was a very poor city. Liverpool
hadn‘t got much money. In the 16 century, 500 peoples lived in
Liverpool. 1698 Liverpool was going to be a bigger city. The
people built a new church. 2008 Liverpool was Europa‘s culture
capital. After that it opend a new museum which is called
“Museum of Liverpool“.