purpose of the text type:  to inform the readership about a news event


  • informative headline (not catchy or ironic!)
  • inverted pyramid (most important information at the beginning, background information in subsequent paragraphs)
  • first paragraph: who?, what?, when?, where?
  • second paragraph: detailed information about the event
  • third paragraph: background information
  • final paragraph: useful reader information (e.g. police hotline, websites, links, etc.)
  • neutral language and no judgement
  • formal and correct English
  • passive constructions
  • if possible: newspaper like layout
  • if possible: pictures (licence-free!, e.g.

The following text was written by a 7th grader. The task was to write a news report about the hacker attack in chapter 8 of the novel “Jerry” (Cornelsen).

The text is the original student version and has not been corrected by the teacher.


Hacker attack on the COMPANY

Yesterday evening, there was an attack at the launch of the COMPANY’s newest product, the Perfect Pal Plus. During the presentation at their headquarter the COMPANY’s system was hacked. Instead of the presentation a new picture appeared on the screen. It wasn’t a commercial, rather the opposite. The picture depicted a girl in underwear and this text: “Your child will have no secrets with Perfect Pal Plus. The COMPANY’s perfect spy listens to every call she makes, read every text she sends. Dump Perfect Pal Plus today! (…)” An organisation called THE GROUP signed this message. According to the police, they are also responsible for the spraying attack at the COMPANY shop at Eden Square last week (for more information read www.theexpress/news/companyattack/

“We were just showing the possibilities of our new product, when this assertion suddenly appeared. We don’t know where these rumours come from, but I can promise, they’re a lie”, said the software engineer Ms Reckord about the changed presentation slide. “Perfect Pal Plus is a smartphone app, which can be your best friend and help you in every situation (…)”, explains the COMPANY’s description (read more at But is it really true that the COMPANY isn’t collecting any of the information the app knows about you? The police is pleased to get every detail you notice using the app (phone 813 54368).