Brighton- offers something awesome for everybody

Do you want to visit a city with varied activities and an interesting history? Come to Brighton! The city is famous for its cool buildings and its big shopping mall. Brighton is a very modern city and it´s located at the sea.

The city lays in the South of England, in the county of East Sussex. Brighton is 76 km (47 miles) away from London. It takes 1h 47min by car, and 1h 11min by train. By bike it takes 5h 15min. In Brighton lay many famous buildings.

The Royal Pavillion is Brighton´s most famous sight. It is an old building which looks Indian, but its fittings are Chinese. Another amazing sight is the Brighton Pier. On the pier there is a huge fun fair and there are many gambling machines. The British Airways i360 is a giant tower. You can get up with a lift and you have an incredible view from up there. The Royal Pavillion has a very interesting history.


Royal Pavillion

1815-1822 George IV constructed the Royal Pavillion. It was his holiday home and he spent much time there. 1850 the city Brighton bought it for £53.000. The Royal Palvillion is not the only interesting thing about Brighton. There are some cool facts.

Brighton has c.a. 273.000 inhabitants. Since 2011 Brighton and hove is a city. Brighton has the biggest seaside of England. The city is also called “London by the sea”.

Come and visit Brighton now!