Cliff Edge – A Walk On The Seven Sisters


The Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel.They form part of the South Down in East Sussex, between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne in southern England. They’ve got a wonderful grassy and hilly landscape.

SuizidBEachyHead.jpgBut not everything is perfect. The Seven Sisters are a beautiful place hike or go for a walk, but there are very dangerous too. Yearly, over one millimeter of stone goes away, because of erosion by water. But sometimes, big pieces of the cliff fall down in the channel. Visitors is recommended, to keep a security distance of 4-5 meters. The Seven Sisters are also a popular place to commit suicide.


But always look on the bright side of life. There is beautiful nature, too. In the front of the white cliffs many types of birds, like the northern fulmar and colonies of kittiwakes, find a place to nest. The rare chalk grassland environment on the White Cliffs of Dover provides the perfect habitat for birds, butterflies and wild flowers. Among the wealth of wildflowers on the cliffs there is a surprising variety of orchids, the most nationally rare being the Early Spider Orchid. With yellow-green to brownish green petals with a flower that looks like the body of a large spider. This small plant flowers for just two months in April and May. Another plant that adorns the cliff top is Viper’s-bugloss. This highly flamboyant plant is easily seen due to its vivid shades of blue and purple with rough petals and red tongue-like stamens. Viper’s-bugloss can sometimes be overlooked in its longer flowering period of June-September.


Nature can also be enjoyed by walking, so if you want to go hiking there, there isn’t only one route. The Beachy Head is 1.5 hours long, perfect if you want to go for walk with you kids. The longest route is about 160km. A very popular route is 13km long and starts at Birling Gap where it ends too. But there are more tours, like the Falling Sands Walk ( 3-4km), the Circular Beachy Head Walk (6km), the Folkington, Windover, Deep Dean, Folkington Walk (9km) and the South Downs Way Walking and Cycle Route (160km).

Good walk!