Delicious English food

If you visit Great Britain, you will notice that the food there is really good. Here are some of the best and most typical of them.

English breakfast

Normally, the people would have cereal and toast in the morning. But on the weekends they would eat baked beans, that means white beans with tomato sauce and bacon. Sometimes they also add fried eggs and sausages.

Fish and chips

If you get hungry during the day, you can get fish and chips almost anywhere. The streets are literally full of fish and chips shops.It is basically deep-fried fish with chips and remoulade. You can also add some salad.


Fudge is a great snack. It is very sweet and soft but still firm caramel. It comes in a rectangular shape. You can get it in candy shops and most supermarkets.


Many traditional english families like to drink tea in the late afternoon at 5 pm. This tradition is called “teatime”. It comes from the time when tea was expensive and only rich people could afford it.