First time to England – Diferences between England and Germany

If you are going to go to England the first time soon. If you want to prevent confusion, better read this text before going there.

Important to know is that politeness is important in every conversation. A must-do is a “please” or “thank you” in nearly every sentence. If you accidently leave it out, it will sound very rude to them. It will maybe sound strange for you, but for English people it’s the normal language.

A big surprise will also be the traffic. Different from Germany the cars and busses drive on the left side. Their steering wheel is on the right. So be careful when crossing the road, the cars will come from the other side than you expect them to come from.

Piccadilly, London, Taxi, England, Uk

You might not bring your car because of the left-drive trouble. So you are maybe going to use the public traffic. If you go by bus, you will be surprised by the queue.  Everybody stands after each other. If you squeeze trough the people and try to get on the bus first, it will make them really angry.

If you prefer going by underground, there will be a surprise. You will see the sign “Stand  right, walk left”. It means that if you want to walk up the escalator , you will have to walk on its left side.

London, Underground, Train Station

This is not all. You will get a huge problem with your mobile. You won’t be able to charge it. The sockets aren’t the same. There are not only two wholes, but three. You need to bring an adapter ( photo) to use your charger cable so that you can take lots of beautiful picture on your nice trip to England. Good Luck!