The Ferry to England (DFDS)


DFDS was founded in 2006. This is the organisation which has built these ships and administers them. 13 ships of those are in use an application. Every day are 15 crossings. One crossing take about two hours.  There are four lines which cross the North Sea. Several decks also exist.


The ferrys have six decks. The fift and the fourth decks are reservt for cars, lorrys and coaches. During the crossing  you aren´t allowed to goto this decks. You can relax ore eat something on the third and the second decks. On the first deck you can smell the ocean smell. And there are many attractions.


On board there is a duty free shop. That means that you can buy some things without paying taxes. You can buy there food sweets and cups. For little children there is a little playground.When you are tired you can sleep on the bank in the restaurant. And you can eat in there in the restaurants.