Trendy beaches : Worthing & Brighton

First thing you have to know is how many gulls are there … It`s so crazy. And these two beaches are pebble beaches . Both beaches have a pier but the Brighton one is more famous  because of the casinos and all the roller caster. When there is ebb you can go ca. 100 metres away from the beach.brighton-714240_1920

In the casinos are very much tourists and indigenous who were spend theirs money. Behind the beach is often a big wall and in front of the wall are pavillions and benches.Worthing is not so spectacular. You can sit at the pier have a little picknick or eat something in the restaraunt of the pier. chaiurs are expensive so bring your own. Lunch can you have in a little restaraunt or in a cafe. Hope you will enjoy the beaches.