Visit Chichester

Chichester is a nice city in West Sussex (South-East England). It has a long history and is home to some of the oldest churches and buildings in Great Britain.

The most popular building in Chichester is the Chichester  Cathedral (12th-century). Its spire , built of the local stone, collapsed and was rebuilt during the 19th century. In the Cathedral a glass in the floor enables a view of remains of a Roman mosaic pavement.

If you’re not interested in history you can go shopping. In the East, North, South and West Street you find known shops like TK Maxx H&M or TOPSHOP. So take enough money with you when chichesteryou stay in Chichester!

In Chichester is also a centere for culture with a theatre; museum and art galleries, where you can also learn more about Chichester’s history.

In June and July the city holds an annual four-week arts and music festival ( ” Festival of Chichester”) If  you like sport you can visit Oaklands Park and watch exciting football (Chichester City F.C) and rugby (Chichester R.F.C) games.

So if you’re interested in Chichester and would like to spend your next holidays in this beautiful city, you can book the Chichester Park Hotel or the Travelodge Chichester Central chichesterHotel. I hope you’ll have a great time.