Worthing the town of dreams

A lovely little town; fantastic unbelieveble food, a wonderful beach, interesting little sights, and every kind of shops. It’s the dream of everyone isn’t it? You can just having fun there, know some friendly people or visit fairy-tale churches and other sights. So let’s go!

Behind small streets with nice plants and trees you will see Worthing’s long beach with it’s pier and you will have an awesome  view over the sea. Of  course you can go swimming there, too. Or walk across the huge sea?

If you don’t want to relax but having some action, why don’t you go shopping? Whatever you want to have in Worthing you’ll find it.  No matter what. Good coffe, cool clothing stores, fast or healthy food, or original fish and chips. And even if you know all of these stores it’s not getting boring. So get your money and go, but hurry or you will  miss the sale!

After your shoppingtour you’re tired? Well what about sightseeing then? For example the
small, beautiful St Andrews church under green trees looks fairy-tale. You feel like you’re
in another word. And the High Salvington windmill is very exciting, too. It was build  long time ago so it’s very historical.

You see Worthing is awesome but sometimes you even need another taste then the town of dreams. So let’s go to Brighton. Join dangerous shopping adventures, go into a world of casinos on the Brighton pier, visit the huge, wonderfiull royale palace, and take a photo  with spiderman ( he’s standing next to the Brighton dome).

Back to Worthing: Isn’t it the most interesting town  you’ve ever heard about? So get your stuff and come to Worthing. We predict: It will be the best holidays in your life!