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    Mediation with online news and online forums:

    Mediation with online news and online forums: Language and culture cannot be separated from each other. When we say that somebody is speaking the same language as we do, we do not only mean that our interlocutor decodes our linguistic signs correctly but rather that he or she shares the same attitudes, views of life, gestures or a similar sense of humour. This allows us as interlocutors to understand hidden messages behind the words, between the lines. Hence, when learning a new foreign language in class it is very important not only to concentrate on writing or speaking but also on mediation and intercultural competences.

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    Stundenbeispiel zu Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130”

    1). Einstieg: L zeigt den SuS mehrere Bilder, welche “Elizabethan Beauty Standarts” begreifbar machen sollen. 2). Erarbeitung 1: Danach werden die ersten drei Strophen des Gedichts gezeigt -> Die SuS sollen nun das Ende, also die letzten beiden Verse erraten und ihre Erwartungen mitteilen 3). Sicherung 1: Malvorlagen (die eine weibliche Gesichtsskizze zeigen) werden an die SuS ausgeteilt. Diese haben nun die Aufgabe, das Gesicht gemäß ihren Vorstellungen, die durch das Lesen des Sonnets enstanden sind, auszumalen. Die Ergebnisse werden anschließend im Plenum gezeigt. 4). Erarbeitung 2: Nun werden die beiden letzten Verse (“and yet…”) angegeben. Der dadurch erzeugte (vielleicht auch nicht) “Plot-Twist” wird diskutiert. 5). Sicherung 2: L zeigt den SuS…

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    Teaching literature with WordPress blogs

    What is WordPress and how does it work? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and with a market share of 60% in April 2016 it is currently the leading one.[1] The first version was published in May 2003 and till January 2004 it was “stabilized” (version 0.70, at that time still called b2, turned into WordPress 1).[2] Professionals, celebrities or companies use WordPress as well as individuals due to its great range of possibilities. WordPress might be best known as a blogging software, but it equally allows the creation of “professional” (business) websites without requiring knowledge of HTML.[3] Ten years after the invention of WordPress, 66 million websites are…

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    film literacy with youtube

    Film literacy with YouTube What is YouTube and how does it work? YouTube is a website (YouTube.com) open for everyone to post videos on which can be used via an app, as well. The app is very similar to the web page. It has a search engine which is comparable to Google’s one because YouTube was bought by Google.

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    The Flipped Classroom

    What do YOU remember? Before starting to read this post, you should think about your schooldays. What do you remember most? The building? A teacher, or rather your classmates? When thinking about these days you probably do not remember the lessons but rather other activities. The most interesting experiences, those that stay in our minds for decades, happened probably outside of the classroom. This may mean a trip to an amazing landscape or a great city. It could be the perfect walk home after school together with a girl or a boy you liked. So, a memorable situation in our life as a student in school does not have to…

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    Vocabulary with popplet and quizlet in class

    What are popplet and quizlet and how do they work? Popplet is an engaging web tool and app that allows for a collaborative mind-mapping experience. Teachers and students can create timelines, mind-maps and other forms of visual organisation. It also serves as an effective presentation tool. You can easily create an account with your email address. You can use it for free and you can access it via your internet browser or your smartphone/tablet. When creating a mind-map with popplet, people can work simultaneously on it and every popple is marked with the name of the creator. You can also add comments to a popple to leave feedback. Texts inside…

  • Englisch,  Oberstufe: Creating a blog about the novel "Brave New World",  Unterricht im Kontext der Digitalität

    Creating a blog about the novel “Brave New World”

    Work in groups of 4 and distribute your work among your group members.  Your blog must be created until the end of August. You might have to read the novel and work on it at home, too. Effective group work is essential for successful completion. For vocabulary, please use the online dictionary pons. For study aids, you can consult Spark Notes. a) How to create a blog in eight steps Go to wordpress.com. Click on “Webseite erstellen”. Choose a category for your blog. Choose “Liste” as layout option. Choose a layout. Choose a name for your blog. Create an account using an email address of one of your group members and…

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    Podcasts in Class!

    What is a podcast and how does it work? Personal-on-demand broadcasts, or simply podcasts, are a form of digital media where anyone can record his or her voice and talk or ramble on about any topic imaginable (e.g. politics, films, economy, literature etc.) using simply a microphone and an online connection, features included on almost every smartphone. These recordings are uploaded and published online where anyone interested can listen to them at any time and anywhere, even on their mobile devices. Many online news services (such as the BBC or CNN) or academic platforms (such as Oxford University or the British Council) use this medium to discuss important topics, often…

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    Producing podcasts with the app “Spreaker”

    What is Spreaker and how does it work? Essentially Spreaker is a platfrom to record, share and search for podcasts. You can either use the iOS or Android App Spreaker Studio or the web console via the website spreaker.com. Listening to and downloading podcasts is free and no account is required. To create and share podcasts, however, an account is required for which you might need to give your email address. The spreaker desktop is extremely easy to manage. Using the web console, you can add sound effects as well as (licence free!) music to you recordings, the app on the other hand offers you a more limited number of…

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    TWITTER in class

    What is twitter and how does it work? [1]  Twitter is a micro-blogging platform (twitter.com) that is widely used among professionals such as scientists, researchers, politicians, journalists and all sorts of celebrities but much less used for private purposes. It is not very popular among German Internet users who prefer whatsapp and Facebook, only 1% uses twitter daily[2] . The ideas of twitter is to network, to share opinions, ideas and websites with your followers in mini-messages consisting of not more than 140 characters. You can easily create an account on twitter.com and you only need an email address for this. You don’t need to give your real name.