purpose of the text type:  to inform the readership about a news event criteria: informative headline (not catchy or ironic!) inverted pyramid (most important information at the beginning, background information in subsequent paragraphs) first paragraph: who?, what?, when?, where? second paragraph: detailed information about the event third paragraph: background information final paragraph: useful reader information …

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Manchester a historical city

The Industrial Revolution started in the northwest of England. In Manchester. That’s why there are so many prejudices about it like there are many dirty factories, dark houses, it’s sad and it rains all the time. But that’s not true. So stop making prejudices and found out more about Manchester! All around Manchester’s popular museums, …

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Creating a blog about the novel “Brave New World”

Work in groups of 4 and distribute your work among your group members.  Your blog must be created until the end of August. You might have to read the novel and work on it at home, too. Effective group work is essential for successful completion. For vocabulary, please use the online dictionary pons. For study aids, …

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