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    Cliff Edge – A Walk On The Seven Sisters

    The Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel.They form part of the South Down in East Sussex, between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne in southern England. They’ve got a wonderful grassy and hilly landscape. But not everything is perfect. The Seven Sisters are a beautiful place hike or go for a walk, but there are very dangerous too. Yearly, over one millimeter of stone goes away, because of erosion by water. But sometimes, big pieces of the cliff fall down in the channel. Visitors is recommended, to keep a security distance of 4-5 meters. The Seven Sisters are also a popular place to commit…

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    Visit Liverpool

    If you are a football- or Beatles-fan, come to Liverpool. Visit the nice city at the Mersey River! You can also see cool sights and eat in beautiful restaurants! Sights One of the famous sights is the Albert Dock Port at the Mersey River. Liverpool has got two gigantic cathedrals. The Liverpool Metropoltian Cathredal was built in 1967. It is one of the highest cathedrals in this age. The other cathredal is the protestant Liverpool Cathredal. It was built between 1904 until 1978. An other famous sight is the “Waker Art Gallery“. This gallery is one of the famoust and biggest galleries in England. There are more museums in Liverpool…

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    Do you want to go to a city with varied activities and an interesting history? Why don’t you come to Oxford? The famous city in the South of England offers something exciting for everybody.   Oxford lays in the county of Oxfordshire. It’s 92 km (59 miles) away from London. That’s 1.5 h by car and 1 h by train. The train leaves Paddington Station every thirty minutes. Oxford is located close to many idyllic villages and beautiful landscapes. Also, the rivers Thames and Cherwell run through Oxford. On these two rivers you can go on a boat trip. Another thing to do would be a visit to old libraries…

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    Manchester a historical city

    The Industrial Revolution started in the northwest of England. In Manchester. That’s why there are so many prejudices about it like there are many dirty factories, dark houses, it’s sad and it rains all the time. But that’s not true. So stop making prejudices and found out more about Manchester! All around Manchester’s popular museums, the beautiful cathedral, the famous opera house and more! So put on your kilt, drink up your tea, fasten your seatbelt and let’s go on a tour to the northwest of England!

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    Reading: Great place to work and live

      England has got lots of big tourist cities like London or Manchester, but there are also a few smaller towns. One of them is Reading. It’s a normal village to work and live with a hilly, grassy landscape. It’s to the west of London and it takes just 40 minutes to go there by train. Also it’s close to the channel and to Europe. Even it’s a small town, it has also a tourist side. For example you can visit one of the many museums. If you are interested in Reading’s history, I could recommend the “Reading Museum”. For animal lovers, there is the “Cole Museum of Zoology”. Also…

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    You want to enjoy beautiful landscape, visit small, prehistoric villages and do exciting activities? Then you’re right in Wales, a great place with a quirky language, an interesting history, modern culture and technology and a love for rugby. The stadium where this loved sport is played is the Millenium Stadium. You can find it in Cardiff, the Welsh capital. In Cardiff you can also find celtic culture and a lot of great museums. If you like classic music you’re just right in this city because it’s the home of the Welsh National opera who has a great orchestra and talented singers.