• Charakterisierung

    The extract from the novel “Walkabout” by James Vance Marshall is about two American children who find themselves in the Australian outback after a plane crash where they encounter an Aboriginal boy. In the following the three characters will be examined in detail. Little background information is given about Peter and Mary. We only know from the introductory text that they are from America and that their plane crashed in Australian desert in the 1950s. Their lives have been very comfortable until this incident (ll. 13-17), they lived a protected life with all the good things of a civilised Western nation like technical equipment, entertainment and enough food. We know…

  • Textanalyse

    What is an analysis?  Basically, the aim of a text analysis is finding out what textual strategies an author of a particular text applied in order to reach a certain goal. We assume here that every textual device is used to create a certain effect, to support a certain message. Whereas a comprehension task in a Klausur focuses on the question WHAT?  (is said / is written), the analysis focuses on the questions HOW? and WHY?.