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    purpose of the text type : to raise a questions of topical interest, to point out possible arguments and express a personal opinion on the backdrop of the before mentioned arguments criteria: interesting attention grabber that raises the question (a personal anecdote, a news item, a quote…) clear paragraphs with clear arguments supported by concrete examples conclusion: clear opinion formed on the basis of the arguments every paragraph starts with a topic sentence that connects the paragraphs and introduces the topic of the new paragraph logical linking words/connectives that connect the arguments formal and correct language The following texts were written by students of the English LK year 11 (junior…

  • Filmkritiken zum Film Macbeth (2015) Regie: Justin Kurzel

    All that glitters, isn’t gold. This is an advice you would want to give to Macbeth while watching the film. Because as you already get to know in the beginning, the idea of becoming king allures him to do some mistakes which in the end lead to his and his wife’s death.