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    Shopping in London

    London is a good place to go shopping, because it has a wide array of stores. From Poundland to Gucci or Louis Vuitton. We’ll show you everything: Oxford Street On Oxford Street you find the average stores you find in other capital cities: Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Nike Stores, Adidas Stores, Victoria’s Secret but there are also special shops like world’s largest Primark or House of Frasers. Harrods Harrods is located in the Brompton Road, 87-135 It was first opened in 1834. You can buy anything from expensive clocks to toys. It’s the most popular and exclusive mall in England. It’s the third most popular sight in London.   Disney Store…

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    A boat tour on the River Thames

    The entrence costs just 8 pounds. You are staing 35 minutes on the boat. You can see a lot of sights. During the trip you can see the Big Ben, the London Eye or the Tower Bridge. You can start the boat tour at the London Eye. You can buy sweets, snacks or drinks at a little shop and on the boat there is also a little toilet. You can sit outside or inside. There are windows so you can see from inside to outside. You can lend audio guids for free at the little boat shop.You can listen to interesting information about sights at more than 10 languages for…

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    First time to England – Diferences between England and Germany

    If you are going to go to England the first time soon. If you want to prevent confusion, better read this text before going there. Important to know is that politeness is important in every conversation. A must-do is a “please” or “thank you” in nearly every sentence. If you accidently leave it out, it will sound very rude to them. It will maybe sound strange for you, but for English people it’s the normal language. A big surprise will also be the traffic. Different from Germany the cars and busses drive on the left side. Their steering wheel is on the right. So be careful when crossing the road,…

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    Brighton- offers something awesome for everybody

    Do you want to visit a city with varied activities and an interesting history? Come to Brighton! The city is famous for its cool buildings and its big shopping mall. Brighton is a very modern city and it´s located at the sea. The city lays in the South of England, in the county of East Sussex. Brighton is 76 km (47 miles) away from London. It takes 1h 47min by car, and 1h 11min by train. By bike it takes 5h 15min. In Brighton lay many famous buildings. The Royal Pavillion is Brighton´s most famous sight. It is an old building which looks Indian, but its fittings are Chinese. Another…

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    Delicious English food

    If you visit Great Britain, you will notice that the food there is really good. Here are some of the best and most typical of them. English breakfast Normally, the people would have cereal and toast in the morning. But on the weekends they would eat baked beans, that means white beans with tomato sauce and bacon. Sometimes they also add fried eggs and sausages. Fish and chips If you get hungry during the day, you can get fish and chips almost anywhere. The streets are literally full of fish and chips shops.It is basically deep-fried fish with chips and remoulade. You can also add some salad. Fudge Fudge is…

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    Cliff Edge – A Walk On The Seven Sisters

    The Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel.They form part of the South Down in East Sussex, between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne in southern England. They’ve got a wonderful grassy and hilly landscape. But not everything is perfect. The Seven Sisters are a beautiful place hike or go for a walk, but there are very dangerous too. Yearly, over one millimeter of stone goes away, because of erosion by water. But sometimes, big pieces of the cliff fall down in the channel. Visitors is recommended, to keep a security distance of 4-5 meters. The Seven Sisters are also a popular place to commit…

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    Visit Chichester

    Chichester is a nice city in West Sussex (South-East England). It has a long history and is home to some of the oldest churches and buildings in Great Britain. The most popular building in Chichester is the Chichester  Cathedral (12th-century). Its spire , built of the local stone, collapsed and was rebuilt during the 19th century. In the Cathedral a glass in the floor enables a view of remains of a Roman mosaic pavement. If you’re not interested in history you can go shopping. In the East, North, South and West Street you find known shops like TK Maxx H&M or TOPSHOP. So take enough money with you when you…

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    Arundel Castle

    During our fieldtrip to England, we visited Arundel castle. First we were at the ticket-stall and our teachers bought tickets for the us. After that we went up the hill where Arundel castle is standing on top. We wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the castle. The corridors were very narrow and they were built in a very old style. First we went to a tower, which is standing a little bit outside and which is connected with the castle through a wall. Than we went back and saw a few other rooms like the library or the own church inside the gigantic building. When we had seen everything, we…

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    Do you want to go to a city with varied activities and an interesting history? Why don’t you come to Oxford? The famous city in the South of England offers something exciting for everybody.   Oxford lays in the county of Oxfordshire. It’s 92 km (59 miles) away from London. That’s 1.5 h by car and 1 h by train. The train leaves Paddington Station every thirty minutes. Oxford is located close to many idyllic villages and beautiful landscapes. Also, the rivers Thames and Cherwell run through Oxford. On these two rivers you can go on a boat trip. Another thing to do would be a visit to old libraries…

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    You want to enjoy beautiful landscape, visit small, prehistoric villages and do exciting activities? Then you’re right in Wales, a great place with a quirky language, an interesting history, modern culture and technology and a love for rugby. The stadium where this loved sport is played is the Millenium Stadium. You can find it in Cardiff, the Welsh capital. In Cardiff you can also find celtic culture and a lot of great museums. If you like classic music you’re just right in this city because it’s the home of the Welsh National opera who has a great orchestra and talented singers.